Interface SystemParametersProducer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractIntegrationTest.TcDataLink, AbstractLink, AbstractParameterDataLink, AbstractTcDataLink, AbstractTcFrameLink, AbstractTcTmParamLink, AbstractThreadedTcDataLink, AbstractTmDataLink, AbstractTmFrameLink, CommandQueueManager, Cop1TcPacketHandler, DiskstatsParameterProducer, FilePollingTmDataLink, FileStoreParameterProducer, JvmParameterProducer, RocksdbSysParamProducer, TcPacketHandler, TcpTcDataLink, TcpTcTmDataLink, TcpTmDataLink, TimeCorrelationService, TseDataLink, UdpParameterDataLink, UdpTcDataLink, UdpTcFrameLink, UdpTcTmDataLink, UdpTmDataLink, UdpTmFrameLink, YamcsEventLink, YamcsLink, YamcsParameterLink, YamcsTcLink, YamcsTmArchiveLink, YamcsTmLink

public interface SystemParametersProducer
Interface implemented by classes that want to provide system parameters. These are collected regularly by the SystemParametersService
  • Method Summary

    Modifier and Type
    default int
    How often this producer should be called.
    getSystemParameters(long gentime)
    return the next bunch of parameter values.
  • Method Details

    • getSystemParameters

      Collection<ParameterValue> getSystemParameters(long gentime)
      return the next bunch of parameter values.

      The gentime is the mission time when the parameter collection started. The returning parameters can use this time to allow all parameters in one collection interval to be timestamped with the same time.

    • getFrequency

      default int getFrequency()
      How often this producer should be called. This is a multiplier for the base frequency which is 1 second.

      For example a value of 3 means call each 3 seconds)