Class AbstractIntegrationTest.TcDataLink

All Implemented Interfaces:, SystemParametersProducer, Link, LinkActionProvider, TcDataLink
Enclosing class:

public static class AbstractIntegrationTest.TcDataLink extends AbstractTcDataLink
  • Constructor Details

    • TcDataLink

      public TcDataLink()
  • Method Details

    • init

      public void init(String yamcsInstance, String name, YConfiguration config)
      Description copied from interface: Link
      Called at startup to initialize the link.

      The config corresponds to the map that is under the link definition in yamcs.instance.yaml.

      Specified by:
      init in interface Link
      init in class AbstractTcDataLink
      config - - the configuration - cannot be null (but can be empty)
    • sendCommand

      public boolean sendCommand(PreparedCommand preparedCommand)
      Description copied from interface: TcDataLink
      Attempt to send the command and return true if the command has been sent or its processing has finished.

      If false is returned, the LinkManager will attempt to send the command via the next TC link (if any).

      The link is expected to update the CommandHistoryPublisher.AcknowledgeSent_KEY ack in the command history if the method returned true. If it returned false, the ack should not be updated (it will be updated by the next link or by the Link Manager if there is other no link).

      The link can update the CommandHistoryPublisher.AcknowledgeSent_KEY ack with a negative ack and return true (i.e. the command has not been really sent but it has finished processing).

      The return true/false has been introduced in Yamcs 5.6.0. Before that version, the old method sendTc was implicitly returning true. As of Yamcs 5.6.0 most links return true even when they cannot send the command (setting the negative Sent ack).

      Throwing an exception is equivalent with returning false, except a error log will be printed (this is considered a bug)

    • connectionStatus

      protected Link.Status connectionStatus()
      Description copied from class: AbstractLink
      In case the link should be connected (i.e. is running and enabled) this method is called to return the actual connection status
      Specified by:
      connectionStatus in class AbstractLink
    • doStart

      protected void doStart()
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      doStart in class
    • doStop

      protected void doStop()
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      doStop in class