Package org.yamcs.commanding

package org.yamcs.commanding
  • Class
    Meta information for a globally available acknowledgment.
    A command which is just being sent (maybe in the queue) or that has been sent and command verifiers are pending.
    Responsible for parsing and tc packet composition.
    Implements the management of the control queues for one processor: for each command that is sent, based on the sender it finds the queue where the command should go depending on the queue state the command can be immediately sent, stored in the queue or rejected when the command is immediately sent or rejected, the command queue monitor is not notified if the command has transmissionConstraints with timeout > 0, the command can sit in the queue even if the queue is not on hold Note: the update of the command monitors is done in the same thread.
    Object that is used to persist link state information across Yamcs restarts.
    This is responsible for "releasing" a command.
    This class implements the (post transmission) command verification.
    Verifies commands by checking MatchCriteria.
    Holds values related to members of aggregates or arrays
    Stores command information
    Command verifier which succeeds when a parameter changes with a delta above a threshold.
    Class that can be used to capture the outcome of a verifier execution.