Class ActiveCommand

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public class ActiveCommand extends Object implements CommandHistoryConsumer
A command which is just being sent (maybe in the queue) or that has been sent and command verifiers are pending.
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  • Method Details

    • getCommandId

      public Commanding.CommandId getCommandId()
    • isPendingTransmissionConstraints

      public boolean isPendingTransmissionConstraints()
    • setPendingTransmissionConstraints

      public void setPendingTransmissionConstraints(boolean b)
    • getTransmissionConstraintCheckStart

      public long getTransmissionConstraintCheckStart()
    • setTransmissionConstraintCheckStart

      public void setTransmissionConstraintCheckStart(long transmissionConstraintCheckStart)
    • getMetaCommand

      public MetaCommand getMetaCommand()
    • getArguments

      public Map<Argument,ArgumentValue> getArguments()
    • getCmdParamCache

      public LastValueCache getCmdParamCache()
    • getPreparedCommand

      public PreparedCommand getPreparedCommand()
    • getCmdName

      public String getCmdName()
    • disableTransmissionConstraints

      public boolean disableTransmissionConstraints()
      true if the transmission constraints have to be disabled for this command
    • disableCommandVerifiers

      public boolean disableCommandVerifiers()
      true if the command verifiers have to be disabled for this command
    • getVerifierOverride

      public Map<String,Commanding.VerifierConfig> getVerifierOverride()
    • updatedCommand

      public void updatedCommand(Commanding.CommandId cmdId, long time, List<Attribute> attrs)
      Specified by:
      updatedCommand in interface CommandHistoryConsumer
    • getLoggingId

      public String getLoggingId()
      One line string id useful for logging
    • addedCommand

      public void addedCommand(PreparedCommand pc)
      Description copied from interface: CommandHistoryConsumer
      Called when a new command matching the filters has been added to the history
      Specified by:
      addedCommand in interface CommandHistoryConsumer