Package org.yamcs

Class Processor

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public class Processor extends
This class helps keeping track of the different objects used in a Yamcs Processor - i.e. all the objects required to have a TM/TC processing chain (either realtime or playback).
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    • getStreamParameterSender

      public StreamParameterSender getStreamParameterSender()
      If recording to the archive initial values and local parameters is enabled, this class can be used to do it. Otherwise it will return null.
      the stream parameter sender that can be used to send data on the PROC_PARAMETERS_STREAM stream to be recorded in the archive
    • setPacketProvider

      public void setPacketProvider(TmPacketProvider tpp)
    • setCommandHistoryProvider

      public void setCommandHistoryProvider(CommandHistoryProvider chp)
    • getCommandHistoryPublisher

      public CommandHistoryPublisher getCommandHistoryPublisher()
    • getParameterProcessorManager

      public ParameterProcessorManager getParameterProcessorManager()
    • getContainerRequestManager

      public ContainerRequestManager getContainerRequestManager()
    • getTmProcessor

      public XtceTmProcessor getTmProcessor()
    • doStart

      public void doStart()
      starts processing by invoking the start method for all the associated components
      Specified by:
      doStart in class
    • getServices

      public List<ProcessorServiceWithConfig> getServices()
    • pause

      public void pause()
    • resume

      public void resume()
    • seek

      public void seek(long instant)
    • seek

      public void seek(long instant, boolean autostart)
    • changeSpeed

      public void changeSpeed(Yamcs.ReplaySpeed speed)
    • changeRange

      public void changeRange(long start, long stop)
    • changeEndAction

      public void changeEndAction(Yamcs.EndAction endAction)
    • getCommandReleaser

      public CommandReleaser getCommandReleaser()
      the tcUplinker
    • getTmPacketProvider

      public TmPacketProvider getTmPacketProvider()
      the tmPacketProvider
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getType

      public String getType()
      the type
    • getCreator

      public String getCreator()
    • setCreator

      public void setCreator(String creator)
    • getAcknowledgments

      public Collection<Acknowledgment> getAcknowledgments()
      Returns globally available acknowledgments (in addition to Acknowledge_Queued, Acknowledge_Released and Acknowledge_Sent).
    • addAcknowledgment

      public void addAcknowledgment(Acknowledgment acknowledgment)
      Add a globally available acknowledgment (in addition to Acknowledge_Queued, Acknowledge_Released and Acknowledge_Sent).
    • doStop

      public void doStop()
      Closes the processor by stoping the tm/pp and tc It can be that there are still clients connected, but they will not get any data and new clients can not connect to these processors anymore. Once it is closed, you can create a processor with the same name which will make it maybe a bit confusing :(
      Specified by:
      doStop in class
    • addProcessorListener

      public static void addProcessorListener(ProcessorListener processorListener)
    • removeProcessorListener

      public static void removeProcessorListener(ProcessorListener processorListener)
    • isPersistent

      public boolean isPersistent()
    • setPersistent

      public void setPersistent(boolean systemSession)
    • isProtected

      public boolean isProtected()
      Returns if this processor is protected. A protected processor may not be deleted.
    • setProtected

      public void setProtected(boolean protected_)
    • isSynchronous

      public boolean isSynchronous()
    • hasCommanding

      public boolean hasCommanding()
    • setSynchronous

      public void setSynchronous(boolean synchronous)
    • isReplay

      public boolean isReplay()
    • getReplayRequest

      public Yamcs.ReplayRequest getReplayRequest()
      valid only if isArchiveReplay returns true
    • getReplayState

      public Yamcs.ReplayStatus.ReplayState getReplayState()
      valid only if isArchiveReplay returns true
    • getCurrentReplayRequest

      public Yamcs.ReplayRequest getCurrentReplayRequest()
    • getState

      public ServiceState getState()
    • getCommandingManager

      public CommandingManager getCommandingManager()
    • getInstance

      public String getInstance()
      the yamcs instance this processor is part of
    • getXtceDb

      public Mdb getXtceDb()
    • getCommandHistoryManager

      public CommandHistoryRequestManager getCommandHistoryManager()
    • hasAlarmChecker

      public boolean hasAlarmChecker()
    • hasAlarmServer

      public boolean hasAlarmServer()
    • getTimer

      public ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor getTimer()
    • getCurrentTime

      public long getCurrentTime()
      Returns the processor time for realtime processors it is the mission time (could be simulated) for replay processors it is the replay time
    • quit

      public void quit()
    • start

      public void start()
    • notifyStateChange

      public void notifyStateChange()
    • getPameterCacheConfig

      public ParameterCacheConfig getPameterCacheConfig()
    • getParameterCache

      public ParameterCache getParameterCache()
    • getProcessorData

      public ProcessorData getProcessorData()
      Returns the processor data used to store processor specific calibration, alarms
      processor specific data
    • getLastValueCache

      public LastValueCache getLastValueCache()
    • isSubscribeAll

      public boolean isSubscribeAll()
    • getServices

      public <T extends ProcessorService> List<T> getServices(Class<T> serviceClass)
    • recordLocalValues

      public boolean recordLocalValues()
    • getEventAlarmServer

      public EventAlarmServer getEventAlarmServer()
    • getConfig

      public ProcessorConfig getConfig()
    • getParameterRequestManager

      public ParameterRequestManager getParameterRequestManager()
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class