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Get ParameterΒΆ

Invoke a SLE Get Parameter.

Can be used for all SLE links but some parameters make sense only for certain links.

URI Template

GET /api/sle/links/{instance}/{linkName}/{parameterName}

Yamcs instance name


Link name


Parameter name One from org.yamcs.sle.ParameterName enum. Providing an invalid name will return a list with all parameters.

Request Body

interface GetParameterRequest {

Response Type

// The parameter response contains the parameter name and the value.
// The value can be of different types depending on the parameter.
// If the parameter is not available on the provider or if the link
// is not connected, the error field will be populated (if the parameter
// name is not correct, an HTTP 400 'Bad Request' error is returned instead).
// The parameter value returned by the provider may be null. In this case the
// response will contain only the parameter name with no other field populated
interface GetParameterResponse {

  // Parameter name
  parameterName: string;
  error: string;
  intValue: number;

  //the long value is used for the 32 bits unsigned parameters
  // The only parameter of that type is the CLTU minimumDelayTime which is the
  // minimum guard time the F-CLTU provider will accept between two consecutive
  // CLTUs. It is very likely that the value will be small enough (2147 seconds)
  // to fit into the intValue which means that the longValue will most certainly
  // never be used.
  longValue: string;  // String decimal
  stringValue: string;