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About Yamcs: SLE PluginΒΆ

This plugin extends Yamcs with links to connect via the CCSDS SLE (Space Link Extension) protocol to SLE-enabled ground stations. These are typically the ground stations of national space agencies.

The supported services are:

The services are supported by the SLE Internet Protocol for transfer services (ISP1) specified in CCSDS 913.1-B-2.

The RAF and RCF services are further divided into:

  • online timely: used for retrieval of frames with a guaranteed timeliness of data - if the receiver of the data cannot process the data fast enough (or the network link towards the receiver is too slow), the provider will drop data.

  • online complete: used for retrieval of frames when the receiver wants to receive complete data at the expense of timeliness. The provider will buffer the data if the receiver is too slow.

  • offline: used for retrieval of frames stored at the provider (ground station).

Usage with Maven

Add the following dependency to your Yamcs Maven project. Replace x.y.z with the latest version. See https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.yamcs/yamcs-sle