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Cltu Throw Event

Invoke a CLTU Throw Event.

The link has to be of type org.yamcs.sle.OfflineTmSleLink.

URI Template

POST /api/sle/links/{instance}/{linkName}:throwEvent

Yamcs instance name


Link name

Request Body

// The CCSDS FCLTU standard does not define parameters of the throw
// event invocation but gives some examples in annex F, see below.
// In these examples ``eventQualifier`` is an ASCII encoded string.
// Enable or disable command modulation of the carrier.
//   eventIdentifier: 1
//   eventQualifier: on|off
// Change bit rate to new bit rate defined by <BR> (requested new bit rate is the value of <BR> in bits/second)
//   eventIdentifier:2
//   eventQualifier: br <BR> [7.8125 – 4000.0]
// Change modulation index to new modulation index angle defined by <MI>
// (requested new modulation index is the value of <MI> in milli-radians).
//   eventIdentifier: 3
//   eventQualifier: mi <MI> [1 – 1570]
// Change both bit rate and modulation index as described above.
//   eventIdentifier: 4
//   eventQualifier: br <BR> mi <MI>
// For convenience, the message below allows the event qualifier to be specified
// either as string or as binary. Only one of them can be used at a time.
// The SLE throw message requires a binary; the string will be converted to binary
// using UTF-8 encoding.
interface CltuThrowEventRequest {
  eventIdentifier: number;
  eventQualifier: string;
  eventQualifierBinary: string;  // Base64

Response Type

// If the CLTU Throw event is successful, the return contains only the
// event id. Otherwise the error field will contain the error.
interface CltuThrowEventResponse {

  // Event identifier passed in the request
  eventIdentifier: number;

  // Error, if there was one
  error: string;