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yamcsadmin backup


yamcsadmin backup create --backup-dir <DIR> [--data-dir <DIR>] [--pid <PID>] [--host <HOST:PORT>] <TABLESPACE>
yamcsadmin backup delete --backup-dir <DIR> <ID>...
yamcsadmin backup list --backup-dir <DIR>
yamcsadmin backup purge --backup-dir <DIR> --keep <N>
yamcsadmin backup restore --backup-dir <DIR> --restore-dir <DIR> [<ID>]


Use yamcsadmin backup when you want to save and restore Yamcs data.

Backups are performed at the level of a tablespace, which (unless otherwise configured) corresponds with an instance name. A special tablespace _global contains data that is not specific to an instance.

The backup directory is in binary format and can contain multiple restore points, one for each time the create command was used. Use the list command to see all restore points in a backup directory.


create --backup-dir <DIR> [--data-dir <DIR>] [--pid <PID>] [--url <HOST:PORT>] <TABLESPACE>

Create a backup of a Yamcs tablespace. The default mode of this command is to find a locally running Yamcs server and attach to its JVM for submitting a backup instruction while Yamcs is running.

If (and only if) Yamcs is stopped, you can perform a cold backup using the --data-dir property.

delete --backup-dir <DIR> <ID>...

Delete one or more backups.

list --backup-dir <DIR>

List the existing backups.

purge --backup-dir <DIR> --keep <N>

Purge old backups.

restore --backup-dir <DIR> --restore-dir <DIR> [<ID>]

Restore a backup by its ID.

If unspecified <ID> defaults to the last backup.

Note that backups can only be restored when Yamcs is not running.


--backup-dir <DIR>

Directory containing backups.

When used with the create command, the directory is automatically created if it does not yet exist.

--data-dir <DIR>

This option is only valid for the create command.

Path to a Yamcs data directory. This must be specified when performing a cold backup.

--restore-dir <DIR>

This option is only valid for the restore command.

Directory where to restore the backup.

--pid <PID>

This option is only valid for the create command.

Specify the program identifier of the Yamcs server to attach to. If there is only one server running, use of this option is unnecessary.

--host <HOST:PORT>

This option is only valid for the create command.

Perform a hot backup using a remote JMX operation.

--keep <N>

This option is only valid for the purge command.

The number of backups to keep.


A unique identifier for a restore point. You can find existing identifiers using the list command.