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Systemd Unit FileΒΆ

Yamcs package installations include a systemd unit file for starting and stopping Yamcs as a service.

The unit file is located at /usr/lib/systemd/system/yamcs.service.

You should not modify this file directly, but instead use standard systemd mechanisms to customize unit files. See the instructions for your operating system.


systemctl start|stop|restart|status yamcs

systemctl accepts these commands:


Starts Yamcs.


Stops the Yamcs process and any other processes it may have launched.


Stops Yamcs if it is running, then starts it again.


Checks if Yamcs is currently running. This will only detect a Yamcs runtime that has been started via systemd.

If you would like Yamcs to start automatically on boot, run:

systemctl enable yamcs

If you want to revert Yamcs starting automatically, run:

systemctl disable yamcs