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List ViewsΒΆ

List all views

URI Template

GET /api/timeline/{instance}/views

Yamcs instance name

Response Type

interface ListViewsResponse {
  views: TimelineView[];

Related Types

interface TimelineView {

  // Yamcs instance name
  instance: string;

  // View identifier
  id: string;

  // View name
  name: string;

  // View description
  description: string;

  // array of bands
  bands: TimelineBand[];

interface TimelineBand {

  // Yamcs instance name
  instance: string;

  // Band identifier
  id: string;

  // Band name
  name: string;

  //user who has created the band
  username: string;

  //if true, all users have access to this band, otherwise only the user who has created it
  shared: boolean;

  //the band contains only items from this source
  source: string;

  //the band contains only items with these tags; if the list is empty, then all items from the given source are part of the band
  tags: string[];

  // Type of band
  type: TimelineBandType;

  // Band description
  description: string;

  // Additional properties used by yamcs-web to render this band
  properties: {[key: string]: string};

enum TimelineBandType {