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Methods related to object storage.

Buckets represent a simple mechanism for storing user objects (binary data chunks such as images, monitoring lists, displays...) together with some metadata.

The metadata is represented by simple (key,value) pairs where both key and value are strings.

By default each user has a bucket named user.username which can be used without extra privileges. Additional buckets may be created and used if the user has the required privileges. The user bucket will be created automatically when the user tries to access it.

The following limitations are implemented in order to prevent disk over consumption and keep the service responsive:

  • The maximum size of an upload including data and metadata is 5MB.

  • The maximum number of objects in one bucket is 1000.

  • The maximum size of an bucket 100MB (counted as the sum of the size of the objects within the bucket).

  • The maximum size of the metadata is 16KB (counted as the sum of the length of the keys and values).