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List File Transfer ServicesΒΆ

List file transfer services

URI Template

GET /api/filetransfer/{instance}/services

Response Type

interface ListFileTransferServicesResponse {
  services: FileTransferServiceInfo[];

Related Types

interface FileTransferServiceInfo {
  instance: string;
  name: string;
  localEntities: EntityInfo[];
  remoteEntities: EntityInfo[];
  capabilities: FileTransferCapabilities;

interface EntityInfo {
  name: string;
  id: string;  // String decimal

//This message is used to configure the yacms-web
interface FileTransferCapabilities {

  //if true, yamcs-web shows a button for initiating an upload
  upload: boolean;

  //if true, yamcs-web shows a button for initiating a download
  download: boolean;

  //if true, yamcs-web will allow to chose reliable/non-reliable transfer
  reliability: boolean;

  //if true, yamcs-web will show the section with the destination file/folder name (upload only)
  remotePath: boolean;