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Get TransferΒΆ

Get a transfer

URI Template

GET /api/filetransfer/{instance}/{serviceName}/transfers/{id}

Yamcs instance name.


service name


Transfer identifier (assigned by Yamcs)

Response Type

//message sent as reponse to the info and also when starting a new transfer
interface TransferInfo {

  //unique identifier assigned by the file transfer service
  id: string;  // String decimal

  //when the transfer has started. Note that this will not be set for QUEUED transfers.
  startTime: string;  // RFC 3339 timestamp
  state: TransferState;
  bucket: string;
  objectName: string;
  remotePath: string;
  direction: TransferDirection;
  totalSize: string;  // String decimal
  sizeTransferred: string;  // String decimal

  //reliable = true -> class 2 transfer
  //reliable = false -> class 1 transfer
  reliable: boolean;

  //in case the transcation is failed, this provides more information
  failureReason: string;

  // valid for CFDP: transaction id;
  // for the incoming transfers it is assigned by the remote peer so therefore might not be unique
  transactionId: TransactionId;

  // when the transfer has been created.
  creationTime: string;  // RFC 3339 timestamp

Related Types

interface TransactionId {
  sequenceNumber: number;
  initiatorEntity: string;  // String decimal

enum TransferState {

enum TransferDirection {