Package org.yamcs.mdb

Class ParameterAlarmChecker


public class ParameterAlarmChecker extends Object
Part of the TM processing chain. Is called upon by the ParameterRequestManager whenever a new parameter value may need alarms published together with it.
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    • parameterSubscribed

      public void parameterSubscribed(Parameter p)
      Called from the ParameterRequestManager when a new parameter has been subscribed Check and subscribe any dependencies required for alarm checking
    • performAlarmChecking

      public void performAlarmChecking(ProcessingData processingData, Iterator<ParameterValue> it)
      Updates the iterator supplied ParameterValues with monitoring (out of limits) information.

      The method is called once before the algorithms are run and once after the algorithms to also check the new values.

    • enableReporting

      public void enableReporting(AlarmReporter reporter)
    • enableServer

      public void enableServer(AlarmServer<Parameter,ParameterValue> server)