Package org.yamcs.mdb

Class ProcessorData


public class ProcessorData extends Object
Holds information related and required for XTCE processing. It is separated from Processor because it has to be usable when not a full blown processor is available (e.g. XTCE packet processing)

Contains a cache of encoders, decoders, calibrators

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  • Method Details

    • setUserData

      public <T> void setUserData(String key, T value)
      Set some object to be shared with all the users of this processor data
      key -
      value -
    • getUserData

      public <T> T getUserData(String key)
      Get the instance of the user defined object if any. Returns null if no data has been set.
      key -
    • getCalibrator

      public CalibratorProc getCalibrator(ProcessingData pdata, DataEncoding de)
      returns a calibrator processor for the given data encoding. Can be null if the DataEncoding does not define a calibrator.
      pdata - - contains the current list of parameters being extracted (not yet added to the lastValueCache). The list is used when evaluating contexts matches and have priority over the parameters in the lastValueCache.

      Could be null if the calibration is not running as part of packet processing.

      a calibrator processor or null
    • getDecalibrator

      public CalibratorProc getDecalibrator(DataEncoding de)
    • getEvaluator

      public MatchCriteriaEvaluator getEvaluator(MatchCriteria mc)
    • getDataDecoder

      public DataDecoder getDataDecoder(DataEncoding de)
    • getDataEncoder

      public DataEncoder getDataEncoder(DataEncoding de)
    • getXtceDb

      public XtceDb getXtceDb()
    • getParameterTypeProcessor

      public ParameterTypeProcessor getParameterTypeProcessor()
      Returns the parameter type processor (this is the guy that converts from raw to engineering value) used by the associated processor.
    • getEventProducer

      public EventProducer getEventProducer()
    • getLastValueCache

      public LastValueCache getLastValueCache()
    • getParameterType

      public ParameterType getParameterType(Parameter parameter)
    • clearParameterOverrides

      public void clearParameterOverrides(Parameter p)
    • clearParameterCalibratorOverrides

      public void clearParameterCalibratorOverrides(Parameter p)
    • setDefaultCalibrator

      public void setDefaultCalibrator(Parameter p, Calibrator defaultCalibrator)
    • setContextCalibratorList

      public void setContextCalibratorList(Parameter p, List<ContextCalibrator> contextCalibrator)
    • clearParameterAlarmOverrides

      public void clearParameterAlarmOverrides(Parameter p)
    • removeDefaultCalibrator

      public void removeDefaultCalibrator(Parameter p)
    • removeDefaultAlarm

      public void removeDefaultAlarm(Parameter p)
    • setDefaultNumericAlarm

      public void setDefaultNumericAlarm(Parameter p, NumericAlarm alarm)
    • setNumericContextAlarm

      public void setNumericContextAlarm(Parameter p, List<NumericContextAlarm> contextAlarmList)
    • setDefaultEnumerationAlarm

      public void setDefaultEnumerationAlarm(Parameter p, EnumerationAlarm alarm)
    • setEnumerationContextAlarm

      public void setEnumerationContextAlarm(Parameter p, List<EnumerationContextAlarm> contextAlarmList)
    • getYamcsInstance

      public String getYamcsInstance()
    • getProcessorConfig

      public ProcessorConfig getProcessorConfig()
    • getProcessorName

      public String getProcessorName()