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Runs Yamcs in debug mode as part of a Maven build.


  • Requires a Maven project to be executed.

  • Requires dependency resolution of artifacts in scope: test.

  • Invokes the execution of the lifecycle phase process-classes prior to executing itself.

Optional Parameters

args (list)

Arguments passed to the Yamcs executable. Add each argument in an <arg> subelement.

User property is: yamcs.args

configurationDirectory (file)

The directory that contains Yamcs configuration files. By convention this contains subfolders named etc and mdb.

Relative paths in yaml configuration files are resolved from this directory.

Default value is: ${basedir}/src/main/yamcs

User property is: yamcs.configurationDirectory

directory (file)

The directory to create the runtime Yamcs server configuration under.

Default value is: ${project.build.directory}/yamcs

User property is: yamcs.directory

jvmArgs (list)

JVM Arguments passed to the forked JVM that runs Yamcs. Add each argument in a <jvmArg> subelement.

User property is: yamcs.jvmArgs

jvmDebugPort (int)

Port for debugging

Default value is: 7896

User property is: yamcs.jvm.debug.port

jvmDebugSuspend (boolean)

Suspend when debugging

User property is: yamcs.jvm.debug.suspend

skip (boolean)

Skip execution

Default value is: false

User property is: yamcs.skip

stopTimeout (long)

Time in milliseconds that a graceful stop of Yamcs is allowed to take. When this time has passed, Yamcs is stopped forcefully. A value < 0 causes the stop to be done async from the Maven JVM.

User property is: yamcs.stopTimeout