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Bundle a Yamcs application into a single archive file.


  • Requires a Maven project to be executed.

  • Requires dependency resolution of artifacts in scope: compile+runtime.

  • Invokes the execution of the lifecycle phase package.

Optional Parameters

attach (boolean)

Controls whether this mojo attaches the resulting bundle to the Maven project.

Default value is: true

User property is: yamcs.attach

classifier (string)

Classifier to add to the generated bundle.

Default value is: bundle

configurationDirectory (file)

The directory that contains Yamcs configuration files. By convention this contains subfolders named etc and mdb.

Relative paths in yaml configuration files are resolved from this directory.

Default value is: ${basedir}/src/main/yamcs

User property is: yamcs.configurationDirectory

includeDefaultWrappers (boolean)

Whether yamcs and yamcsadmin wrapper scripts should be included in the bundle.

Default value is: true

User property is: yamcs.includeDefaultWrappers

includeConfiguration (boolean)

Whether this module’s configuration directory (default location: src/main/yamcs) should be included in the bundle

Default value is: true

User property is: yamcs.includeConfiguration

formats (list)

Specifies the formats of the bundle. Multiple formats can be supplied. Each format is specified by supplying one of the following values in a <format> subelement:

  • zip - Creates a ZIP file format

  • tar - Creates a TAR format

  • tar.gz or tgz - Creates a gzip’d TAR format

  • tar.bz2 or tbz2 - Creates a bzip’d TAR format

  • tar.snappy - Creates a snappy’d TAR format

  • tar.xz or txz - Creates a xz’d TAR format

If unspecified the behavior is equivalent to:

skip (boolean)

Skip execution

Default value is: false

User property is: yamcs.skip