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yamcs parameters


yamcs parameters list
yamcs parameters describe <PARAMETER>
yamcs parameters get [--date <DATE>] <PARAMETER>
yamcs parameters set [--next [--timeout <TIMEOUT>]] <PARAMETER> <VALUE>


Manage parameters.



List parameters

describe <PARAMETER>

Describe a parameter


Get a parameter's value


Set a parameter's value (if this parameter is not readonly).


--processor <PROCESSOR>

With get and set, specifies the name of the target processor.

Default is realtime.


With get, wait for the next parameter value to be processed by Yamcs.

If not set, the latest received value is returned.

--timeout <TIMEOUT>

With get, this indicates the maximum time to wait for a new value if the next option is used.

--date <DATE>

Value time. If unspecified, defaults to mission time.

When parsing timestamps, yamcs-cli accepts a specification in ISO format. The following special patterns are also recognised:

  • now: current time

  • now UTC: current UTC time

  • today: 00:00:00 of the current day

  • today UTC: 00:00:00 UTC of the current day

  • yesterday: 00:00:00 of the day before

  • yesterday UTC: 00:00:00 UTC of the day before

  • tomorrow: 00:00:00 of the next day

  • tomorrow UTC: 00:00:00 UTC of the next day