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yamcs events


yamcs events create [-m <MESSAGE>, --message <MESSAGE>] [--date <DATE>] [--sequence-number <SEQNO>] [--severity <LEVEL>] [--source <SOURCE>] [--type <TYPE>] [--extra <KEY=VALUE> [<KEY=VALUE> ...]]


Add events to the Yamcs event log.



Create an event. This command shows an editor where you can enter the event message. Alternatively you can specify the message using the --message option.


-m <MESSAGE>, --message <MESSAGE>

Event message.

--date <DATE>

Event time. If unspecified, defaults to mission time.

When parsing timestamps, yamcs-cli accepts a specification in ISO format. The following special patterns are also recognised:

  • now: current time

  • now UTC: current UTC time

  • today: 00:00:00 of the current day

  • today UTC: 00:00:00 UTC of the current day

  • yesterday: 00:00:00 of the day before

  • yesterday UTC: 00:00:00 UTC of the day before

  • tomorrow: 00:00:00 of the next day

  • tomorrow UTC: 00:00:00 UTC of the next day

--sequence-number <SEQNO>

Sequence number of this event. This is used to determine unicity of events at the same time and coming from the same source. If not set Yamcs will automatically assign a sequential number as if every submitted event is unique.

--severity <LEVEL>

The severity level of the event. One of info, watch, warning, distress, critical or severe. Default is info.

--source <SOURCE>

Source of the event. Defaults to User if unset.

--type <TYPE>

Type of the event.

--extra <KEY=VALUE> [KEY=VALUE ...]

Set additional event properties.