Class RawEngValue

Direct Known Subclasses:
ArgumentValue, BasicParameterValue

public abstract class RawEngValue extends Object
Abstract class storing a raw value, engineering value and a generation time.

It used as base class by ParameterValue and ArgumentValue

  • Field Details

    • rawValue

      protected Value rawValue
    • engValue

      protected Value engValue
    • generationTime

      protected long generationTime
  • Constructor Details

    • RawEngValue

      public RawEngValue()
    • RawEngValue

      public RawEngValue(RawEngValue pv)
  • Method Details

    • getEngValue

      public Value getEngValue()
    • getRawValue

      public Value getRawValue()
    • getGenerationTime

      public long getGenerationTime()
    • setRawValue

      public void setRawValue(Value rv)
    • setGenerationTime

      public void setGenerationTime(long instant)
    • setRawValue

      public void setRawValue(byte[] b)
    • setRawFloatValue

      public void setRawFloatValue(float f)
    • setRawDoubleValue

      public void setRawDoubleValue(double d)
    • setRawValue

      public void setRawValue(boolean b)
    • setRawValue

      public void setRawValue(String s)
    • setRawSignedInteger

      public void setRawSignedInteger(int x)
    • setRawUnsignedInteger

      public void setRawUnsignedInteger(int x)
    • setRawSignedLong

      public void setRawSignedLong(long x)
    • setRawUnsignedLong

      public void setRawUnsignedLong(long x)
    • setStringValue

      public void setStringValue(String s)
    • setBinaryValue

      public void setBinaryValue(byte[] v)
    • setBooleanValue

      public void setBooleanValue(boolean b)
    • setDoubleValue

      public void setDoubleValue(double v)
    • setFloatValue

      public void setFloatValue(float v)
    • setSignedIntegerValue

      public void setSignedIntegerValue(int v)
    • setUnsignedIntegerValue

      public void setUnsignedIntegerValue(int v)
    • setSignedLongValue

      public void setSignedLongValue(long v)
    • setUnsignedLongValue

      public void setUnsignedLongValue(long v)
    • setEngValue

      public void setEngValue(Value ev)
    • setEngineeringValue

      @Deprecated public void setEngineeringValue(Value ev)
    • hasGenerationTime

      public boolean hasGenerationTime()