Package org.yamcs.cli

Class Command

Direct Known Subclasses:
BackupCli, BackupCli.BackupDelete, BackupCli.BackupPurge, CheckConfig, MdbCli, PasswordHashCli, RocksDbCli, UsersCli, YamcsAdminCli

public abstract class Command extends Object
This represents a command together with its options and subcommands
 yamcs <options> subcmd <options> subcmd <options>...
  • Field Details

    • console

      protected static com.beust.jcommander.internal.Console console
    • exitFunction

      protected static IntFunction<Void> exitFunction
    • jc

      protected com.beust.jcommander.JCommander jc
    • subCommands

      protected Map<String,Command> subCommands
    • selectedCommand

      protected Command selectedCommand
    • parent

      protected final Command parent
  • Constructor Details

  • Method Details

    • addSubCommand

      protected void addSubCommand(Command cmd)
    • parse

      public void parse(String... args)
    • getName

      public String getName()
    • getUsage

      public String getUsage()
    • exit

      protected static void exit(int status)