Package org.yamcs

Class ProcessRunner

All Implemented Interfaces:, YamcsService
Direct Known Subclasses:
SimulatorCommander, TseCommander

public class ProcessRunner extends AbstractYamcsService
Global service that launches and supervises a configured program or script. The primary purpose is to run non-java code, or to decouple java code that uses a fragile or untested JNI layer.
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    config, log, serviceName, yamcsInstance
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    protected void
    protected void
    Returns the valid configuration options for this service.
    init(String yamcsInstance, String serviceName, YConfiguration config)
    Initialize this service.
    protected void

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    getConfig, getYamcsInstance

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    • ProcessRunner

      public ProcessRunner()
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    • getSpec

      public Spec getSpec()
      Description copied from interface: YamcsService
      Returns the valid configuration options for this service.
      the argument specification, or null if the args should not be validated.
    • init

      public void init(String yamcsInstance, String serviceName, YConfiguration config) throws InitException
      Description copied from interface: YamcsService
      Initialize this service. This is called before the service is started. All operations should finish fast.
      Specified by:
      init in interface YamcsService
      init in class AbstractYamcsService
      yamcsInstance - The yamcs instance, or null if this is a global service.
      serviceName - The service name.
      config - The configured arguments for this service. If YamcsService.getSpec() is implemented then this contains the arguments after being validated (including any defaults).
      InitException - When something goes wrong during the execution of this method.
    • doStart

      protected void doStart()
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      doStart in class
    • onProcessOutput

      protected void onProcessOutput(String line)
    • doStop

      protected void doStop()
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      doStop in class