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Archive browserΒΆ

This view allows inspecting the content of the TM Archive, as well as retrieving data as packets. Data is grouped by packet name in bands. For each band, index blocks indicate the presence of data at a particular time range. Note that a single index block does not necessarily mean that there was no gap in the data. When zooming in, more gaps may appear.

The view can be panned by grabbing the canvas. For long distances you can jump to a specific location via the Jump to... button.

This view shows the current mission time with a vertical locator.


While the now locator follows mission time, the rendered blocks do not follow realtime. You can force a refresh by panning the canvas or refreshing your browser window.

In the top toolbar there are a few actions that only become active once you make a horizontal range selection. To make such a selection you can start a selection on the timescale band. Alternatively you may also select a range by simply clicking an index block. Selecting a range allows you to start a replay for that range, or to download raw packet data.