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class yamcs.timeline.model.Band(proto)

Superclass for bands. Implementations:

property band_type

Type of band.

property description

Description of this band.

property id

Band identifier.

property name

Name of this band.

class yamcs.timeline.model.CommandBand(proto=None)

Display issued commands.

class yamcs.timeline.model.Item(proto=None)
property duration

Item duration.



property id

Item identifier.

property item_type

Type of item.

property name

Name of this item.

property start

Item start time.



property tags

Item tags. Used by bands to filter what is visible.



class yamcs.timeline.model.ItemBand(proto=None)

Show a selection of timeline items.

property frozen

Fix this line to the top of the view. Frozen bands are always rendered above other bands.

property item_background_color

CSS color string.

property item_border_color

CSS color string.

property item_border_width
property item_corner_radius
property item_height
property item_margin_left
property item_text_color

CSS color string.

property item_text_overflow

One of show, clip, or hide.

property item_text_size
property margin_bottom
property margin_top
property multiline

Draw items on multiple lines if otherwise there would be collisions.

property space_between_items

In case of multilining, this indicates the minimum horizontal space between items. If an item does not meet this treshold, it gets rendered on a different line.

property space_between_lines

In case of multilining, this indicates the vertical space between lines.

property tags

Item tags that this band filters on.



class yamcs.timeline.model.Spacer(proto=None)

Insert empty vertical space.

property height

Spacer height

class yamcs.timeline.model.TimeRuler(proto=None)

Displays absolute time, formatted in a timezone of choice.

property timezone

IANA timezone name.

Corresponds with the third column of the following table: https://data.iana.org/time-zones/data/zone1970.tab

In addition, the name UTC is supported.

class yamcs.timeline.model.View(proto=None)
property bands

Bands included in this view.



property description

Description of this view.

property id

View identifier.

property name

Name of this view.