class yamcs.tco.model.TCOCoefficients(proto)

TCO Coefficients

property gradient: Optional[float]
property obt: Optional[int]
property offset: Optional[float]
property utc: Optional[datetime]
class yamcs.tco.model.TCOSample(proto)
property obt: Optional[int]
property utc: Optional[datetime]
class yamcs.tco.model.TCOStatus(proto)

TCO Status

property coefficients: Optional[TCOCoefficients]

Current coefficients. Or None if the synchronization is not yet established.

property coefficients_time: Optional[datetime]

Time when the coefficients have been computed

property deviation: Optional[float]

Last computed deviation

property samples: List[TCOSample]

The last accumulated samples

class yamcs.tco.model.TofInterval(start: datetime, stop: datetime, polynomial: List[float])

ToF interval for the ERT range [start, stop], specifying a polynomial function of the form: tof = a + bx + cx^2 + … where x is ERT minus the provided start date.

  • start – ERT start

  • stop – ERT stop

  • polynomial – Coefficients in the order [a, b, c, ...]