class yamcs.tco.model.TCOCoefficients(proto)

TCO Coefficients

property gradient
property obt
property offset
property utc
class yamcs.tco.model.TCOSample(proto)
property obt
property utc
class yamcs.tco.model.TCOStatus(proto)

TCO Status

property coefficients

Current coefficients. Or None if the synchronization is not yet established.

property coefficients_time

Time when the coefficients have been computed

property deviation

Last computed deviation

property samples

The last accumulated samples

class yamcs.tco.model.TofInterval(start, stop, polynomial)

ToF interval for the ERT range [start, stop], specifying a polynomial function of the form: tof = a + bx + cx^2 + … where x is ERT minus the provided start date.

  • start (datetime) – ERT start

  • stop (datetime) – ERT stop

  • polynomial (float[]) – Coefficients in the order [a, b, c, ...]