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CCSDS Completeness is a concept specific to CCSDS-style packets. If you store a different type of packet in Yamcs, then this code example is not applicable.

from datetime import datetime, timedelta, timezone

from yamcs.client import YamcsClient

def print_latest():
    Prints completeness records for the last two days
    now = datetime.now(tz=timezone.utc)
    start = now - timedelta(days=2)

    # Results are returned in records per 'group'.
    # A completeness group matches with a CCSDS APID.

    # We may receive multiple groups with the same APID
    # depending on how much data there is for the selected
    # range.

    # Combine all returned pages by APID
    records_by_apid = {}
    for group in archive.list_completeness_index(start=start, stop=now):
        if group.name not in records_by_apid:
            records_by_apid[group.name] = []

    for apid, records in records_by_apid.items():
        print("APID:", apid)

        total = 0
        for rec in records:
            print("  -", rec)
            total += rec.count
        print(f"  --> Total packets for {apid}: {total}")

if __name__ == "__main__":
    client = YamcsClient("localhost:8090")
    archive = client.get_archive(instance="simulator")