Class TimePartitionSchema


public abstract class TimePartitionSchema extends Object
Implements different schemes for partitioning by time. It gives back a partition start/end and a directory where data shall be stored. Currently the following are implemented: YYYY YYYY/DOY YYYY/MM
  • Constructor Details

    • TimePartitionSchema

      public TimePartitionSchema()
  • Method Details

    • getPartitionInfo

      public abstract TimePartitionInfo getPartitionInfo(long instant)
      returns the directory where this instant shall be written. This is likely to be expensive operation - since instant has to be converted into a calendar taking into accounts leap seconds and all the rest.
      instant -
    • parseDir

      public abstract TimePartitionInfo parseDir(String dir)
      Parses a string of the shape "A/B/..." into a PartitionInfo. It is used by the storage engines to parse the partitions from disk at startup. Returns null if the given string does not match the expected directory.
    • getInstance

      public static TimePartitionSchema getInstance(String schema)
    • getName

      public String getName()
      name for the partitioning schema (YYYY/DOY, YYYY/MM, etc)
      the name of the partitioning schema