Class GoToPacketDialog

All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionListener, ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, EventListener, Accessible, RootPaneContainer, WindowConstants

public class GoToPacketDialog extends JDialog implements ActionListener
Dialog for jumping to a specific packet in the packet table.
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  • Field Details


      public static final int CANCEL_OPTION
      Return value if cancel is chosen.
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      public static final int APPROVE_OPTION
      Return value if approve (yes, ok) is chosen.
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  • Constructor Details

    • GoToPacketDialog

      public GoToPacketDialog(PacketsTable packetsTable)
  • Method Details

    • showDialog

      public int showDialog()
    • getLineNumber

      public int getLineNumber()
    • actionPerformed

      public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
      Specified by:
      actionPerformed in interface ActionListener