Package org.yamcs.tse

Class RequestTerminator

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public class RequestTerminator extends Object implements Interceptor
Adds a termination pattern to the end of command string. This is typically used on stream-oriented protocols like TCP for delimiting messages.
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      public byte[] interceptCommand(TseCommand metadata, byte[] bytes, Charset encoding)
      Description copied from interface: Interceptor
      Intercepts a raw command just before passing it to driver-specific write logic.

      Usually this corresponds to an encoded string, for which the encoding is provided too.

      Specified by:
      interceptCommand in interface Interceptor
      metadata - Metadata about the command. Note that full information is only available if the command was issued through Yamcs. If instead an internal Telnet session was used, only the target instrument is known.
      bytes - The raw command (usually correspons to an encoded string)
      encoding - String encoding