Class Variable


public class Variable extends Object
  • Constructor Details

    • Variable

      public Variable()
  • Method Details

    • getName

      public String getName()
    • setName

      public void setName(String name)
    • getLabel

      public String getLabel()
    • setLabel

      public void setLabel(String label)
    • isRequired

      public boolean isRequired()
    • setRequired

      public void setRequired(boolean required)
    • getHelp

      public String getHelp()
    • setHelp

      public void setHelp(String help)
    • getInitial

      public String getInitial()
    • setInitial

      public void setInitial(String initial)
    • getChoices

      public List<String> getChoices()
      Different choices. If a non-null result is returned, this variable should be chosen from a dropdown input. This is evaluated each time a user is about to create an instance.
    • setChoices

      public void setChoices(List<String> choices)