Class ClientStreamingObserver

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ClientStreamingObserver extends Object implements Observer<>
A message observer that implements a streaming request over HTTP using chunked transfer encoding.
  • Constructor Details

    • ClientStreamingObserver

      public ClientStreamingObserver( method, RestClient baseClient, responsePrototype, Observer<> responseObserver)
  • Method Details

    • next

      public void next( message)
      Description copied from interface: Observer
      Emit the next message.
      Specified by:
      next in interface Observer<>
    • completeExceptionally

      public void completeExceptionally(Throwable t)
      Description copied from interface: Observer
      Complete with an exception.
      Specified by:
      completeExceptionally in interface Observer<>
    • complete

      public void complete()
      Description copied from interface: Observer
      Mark the successful end.
      Specified by:
      complete in interface Observer<>